Once upon a time there was a grocery store in Hovborg – you can make sure it will be here again!

Meeting: APRIL 24 AT 7 PM, HUSET, Lindevej 7A, Hovborg

Together we take the first steps to a new beginning. We need a new grocery store for the village and therefore Dagrofa will tell us more about the possibility of establishing a “Min Købmand”.

Please bring your neighbor and your whole family, so we can ensure that everyone is on the same page to create the best foundation for a new beginning.

We are ready to stand together and build a future for Hovborg.

Program – 24 April – 19:00:
– Welcome by the working group
– Presentation of the “Min Købmand”-concept by Hans Meldgaard, Dagrofa
– Questions from the audience
– Coffee and cake
– Thank you for tonight

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